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10 Ways To Prepare for a Move During the Winter

You can avoid common roadblocks when you use this guide to prepare for a move during winter.

Moving during winter comes with numerous benefits. You get to enjoy less competition, motivated sellers, better deals, faster closing, and more. Although you may have to deal with unfavorable weather, there are some things you can do to make it easier on yourself.

Keep reading for expert advice about moving houses. The following’s everything you need to know when creating your relocation strategy. Here are ten ways to prepare for a move during the winter season.

1. Expect the Best and Plan For the Worst

Before you move, consider delays you could face. This means checking the weather app as you get closer and scheduling a backup day.

2. Clear Walkways and Driveways

Every year, Canadians slip and fall on ice. Before you start moving boxes and furniture, clear and salt the walkways and driveway to avoid slipping and falling.

3. Turn Off the Furnace

Leaving your door open as you move is going to raise your energy bill. Unless it’s below-freezing temperatures, you can leave the furnace during the moving process.

4. Move In the Morning

Winter days are short, which means you’ll be stuck moving in the dark if you wait too long. You can avoid hazards more easily by moving in the daylight hours.

5. Take Your Time

Moving in a hurry could raise your risk of slipping on ice. Consider packing tips to improve your moving strategy.

6. Protect Floors

Winter moving can lead to tracking snow and mud all over your floors. You can lay plastic sheets to protect your home’s flooring from any damage.

7. Check Snowplow Schedules

When you’re planning the day to move, you need to check the snowplow schedules at both homes. This will help you avoid being in the way when they come to clear the street.

8. Winterproof Belongings

You can winterproof your furniture by adding plastic covers or sheets to furniture and artwork. Consider insulating your electronics packaging to limit battery drainage.

9. Hire Movers

You can avoid household moving during winter by hiring movers who are experienced with cold weather moves. Remember to provide your expert movers with a backup date for moving in case something goes wrong.

10. Set up Utilities Early

Some utilities take longer than others. Long before your move, you should find out how long it’ll take and schedule an appointment to ensure your utilities are turned on by the morning you move in.

Prepare for a Move With a Winter Survival Checklist

Before you drive, get a tune-up on your vehicle to avoid breakdowns. In your car, you should carry extra clothes, snow boots, gloves, scarves, blankets, antifreeze, flashlights, jumper cables, and kitty litter to get unstuck.

Move Smarter Today

Move smarter, not harder. This guide has everything you need to know when creating a relocation strategy. You can use these ten ways to prepare for a move this winter season.

Our expert movers can help you experience a less stressful move. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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