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April, 2022

How to Move Abroad: 7 Tips for Moving to Another Country

If you’re considering moving overseas, there are a lot of questions you may be asking yourself. How will I adapt to their culture? What should I do with all my stuff? Do I have enough money to live comfortably there? Knowing how to move abroad is an art that anyone can master. It can seem quite […]

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Packing With Pets: How to Move with a Pet

58% of Canadian households report they own a pet (at least one dog or cat). This means it’s likely that these families will end up moving with a pet at some point in their life.  Is there something specific to keep in mind if you are moving with pets? Any tips for moving with a pet that you can’t miss? […]

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Avoid Packing Procrastination: How to Pack for a Move

In the difficult process of moving, mistakes are bound to happen. Still, you’ll make a lot more of them if you don’t know what you’re doing. Those who are new to moving need all the advice they can get. And of all the moving day tips you can learn, the most important is how to […]

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5 Tips for Moving From a House to an Apartment

Did you know that in the next five years, 32 percent of Boomers looking to buy a home will most likely purchase a condo or apartment? This tren shows how popular downsizing is becoming and that the market for apartments and smaller dwellings are on the rise. Moving from a house to an apartment can be a […]

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