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4 Strategies To Make Moving Easier

Planning a move is both exciting and exhausting at the same time. The prospect of opening a new chapter in your life is often overshadowed by the work you need to do to make that move possible.

If you’re buying a new home soon, you need moving strategies to make the process simpler. Keep reading to find out tips on making moving easier. 

1. Hire Packers

Packing is the most time-consuming aspect of moving. It requires foresight, the right supplies, and organizational skills you just might not have.

Instead, you could consider hiring professional packers to free up some precious time before you move. 

The pros know how to pack your items to minimize the chance of destruction during your move. They are efficient at packing specialty items such as your precious China or glass-top tables. Most will even disassemble items that are too big to move as one piece. 

2. Get Organized

One of the best moving strategies you can employ is to commit to being organized. Do yourself a huge favor by being methodical with your move.

Buy a binder to keep track of every aspect of your move. Store receipts, moving quotes, contracts, and other related files inside for easy access. 

Print a moving checklist to stay on top of your essential pre-move tasks.

If you’re not hiring packers, pack your belongings by category or room they belong in. Write what’s inside each box on the outside so you know without opening them what’s inside. Categorizing boxes makes unpacking in your new home a breeze. 

If you’re moving within Canada, contact Canada Post to set up mail forwarding a few weeks before your move. This ensures you won’t miss any important letters as you transition to your new permanent address. 

3. Pack Essentials Separately

What are the first items you’ll be needing in your new home? These are the items you should pack in a separate box or suitcase for easy access.

Clothing, medications, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and blankets are things you’ll need on day one in your new place. Cookware, cutlery, dishware, and pantry items should be easy to find, too. 

4. Hire Movers

Over 11 million Canadians suffer from injuries or disorders that affect their movement. So if your body isn’t up to the task of hefting boxes and furniture all day, you’re not alone. Professional movers can make both your move in and out a breeze.

While the initial investment for movers is higher than doing it yourself, it pays off in the end. The pros know how to pack their trucks to ensure your items stay put and safe during your move. They also come with insurance in case something does get damaged en route to its destination.

The professionals come in with bulletproof moving day strategies to take the stress off your shoulders (literally).

Make Moving Easier on Yourself

Moving isn’t the easiest task but if you’re searching for the best way to make moving easier, we can help. Our team of friendly and professional movers is here to help make every aspect of your move simple. 

Contact us today to get a free moving quote

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