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4 Tips for Moving During Inclement Weather

There are a lot of things about moving that are predictable. It’s exciting, exhausting, stressful, and emotional all at once. If there’s one thing you can’t count on, though, it’s the weather. 

Encountering inclement weather on moving day can put a damper on your excitement. It can also be very dangerous.

If the forecast is calling for bad weather, we can help. Keep reading to find out tips to make moving in storms a breeze.

1. Resign Yourself to a Slower Move

Your move will go a little bit slower than expected if the weather isn’t cooperating. Not only will packing the truck be slower going but so will be the drive to your new place. It’s frustrating for things to move slower but it’s a necessity for the safety of yourself and your belongings. 

2. Protect Your Flooring

Rain or snow can do a lot of damage to your carpeting and flooring. You don’t want to track in mud and dampness on move-out day, so you need to protect your floors.

Tarps or carpet masks can provide the right amount of protection, but they could be slippery under certain conditions. Shoe booties are another option. They slip around your shoes and fit snugly to provide protection from water and dirt. 

You could also use towels, blankets, or moving pads to keep your floors dry. 

3. Protect Your Belongings

Precipitation doesn’t mix well with furniture or cardboard boxes. Heavy rain or snowfall can not only damage your upholstery but also affect the structural integrity of your boxes. Moving pads and plastic wrap will be your best friend when moving in bad weather.

First, wrap your belongings in moving pads. Next, you’ll need to use plastic wrap to cover the moving pads to ensure they stay dry. 

4. Protect Yourself and Your Movers

Safety is a top concern during any move. It’s even more important when you’re moving during bad weather. 

During winter, you need to keep your driveway and sidewalks clear of snow. Sprinkle salt or sand on your pathways before the loading and unloading begin to prevent ice. 

When it’s raining, have extra towels on hand to use to dry off. Slipping becomes a concern during wet weather. Cardboard pieces or old rugs can make smooth surfaces like hardwood flooring less slippery. 

If there’s a thunderstorm on moving day, stay inside and wait for it to subside. Lightning and strong winds are dangerous, especially when you’re hauling large appliances and furniture. 

Bad weather isn’t only rainy or snowy weather. Moves during sunny summer days can be just as dangerous. Sunscreen is an indispensable tool to protect yourself and whoever is helping you move. Pick the right sunscreen to ensure optimal protection. 

Making Moving in Inclement Weather Easier

Inclement weather can make an already difficult moving day even more so. If you’re stressing out about how you’ll move during a rain or snowstorm, consult the professionals. A moving company can provide the helping hand you need to make moving during bad weather simple.

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