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6 Items You Should Never Have in Garage Storage

Your garage is a great storage space for keeping any surplus stuff. However, it’s very easy to let it get cluttered and out of control. If you notice that things are getting out of hand, it’s advisable to take stock of what you have, declutter and donate what you don’t need.

The things that are stored in garages are items you no longer use in your everyday life. These may include tools, paints, spare parts of your car, and old memorabilia that you’re trying to hold on to.

However, there are some items you can’t keep in your garage storage. Below is a list of these items:

1. Food Stuff

Purchasing foods and drinks from a store is a convenient way to save money and avoid the back and forth trips. However, your garage storage isn’t the right place to store your food items and staples. Keeping foods in your garage will lead to pest and rodent infestation.

This is a huge problem that most American homeowners are dealing with today. Additionally, groceries are at risk of spoiling when exposed to humidity and heat constantly. It’s best to store your food items in a secure cupboard or closet in your home.

2. Items You Use Daily

Your garage storage is the ideal space for things you don’t frequently use. The items you frequently use every day should be stored in the spaces where they are used. For instance, if you have a lot of paper towels, you can keep them on a shelf in your bathroom.

The garage is ideal for items you infrequently use, such as building tools, children’s bikes, and Christmas decorations.

3. Paintings

Paintings are precious and should be stored as such. Keeping items such as paintings in your garage may lead to damages. That’s because the humidity and temperature changes will make the painting on the canvas flake and crack as it contracts and expands.

4. Old Photographs

Your old photos help you keep old memories alive for generations to come. However, the extreme temperature changes and moisture in the garage may cause your cherished photographs to stick together. Sometimes you may even notice mold growing on the photos.

5. Essential Documents

Garages are not the right storage spaces for essential documents such as marriage certificates, car titles, passports, or birth certificates. Other difficult-to-replace documents should also not be placed in the garage.

Like paintings and photos, these essential documents are susceptible to damage from moisture and extreme weather changes.

6. Delicate Clothes

Are you looking for a space to keep your wedding gown or a prom dress? The garage isn’t a suitable space for this. Other essential clothing such as your child’s first outfit and your graduation gown should also be kept away from the garage.

You can find a space in your home and store them in a moisture-free closet or chest. You can also rent an extra storage space for these essential pieces of clothing.

Now You Know What Not to Keep In Your Garage Storage

There are many things that people keep in their garage storage. However, the above items don’t belong to your garage storage. Find a place to keep them in your house to avoid moisture-related damage.

If you’re looking for some extra storage space for surplus items in your home, you should contact us at Two Amigos. We have the best storage options to fit all your needs. Call us today and book an appointment. 

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