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Avoid Packing Procrastination: How to Pack for a Move

In the difficult process of moving, mistakes are bound to happen. Still, you’ll make a lot more of them if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Those who are new to moving need all the advice they can get. And of all the moving day tips you can learn, the most important is how to pack for a move.

For one thing, incorrect packing causes your boxes to shift and fall over during transport. And it will definitely break a lot of your items. Meanwhile, many of your urgent necessities will remain lost in a sea of boxes for months due to improper labeling.

But fear not. We’re going to teach you the right way to pack for a move so that the above scenarios won’t happen to you. Avoid common moving day mistakes by following the packing tips below.

1. Outsource Packing

Our first tip on how to pack for a move is, “Don’t.” Let professionals pack for you. The packing will get done better and faster this way.

2. Junk It

The more stuff you get rid of now, the easier your move will be. Donate or throw out anything you don’t need. Keep in mind that, in some cases, buying new items is cheaper than moving them.

3. Pack by Room

Don’t pack items from multiple rooms into the same box. This makes it difficult to decide where to put your boxes when you unload them.

4. Load by Room

When loading the truck, keep boxes from a single room grouped together. This makes unloading at your destination much easier.

5. Pack Functional Items Last

You might be worried that you’ll need to use some of your items after you’ve packed them. But this causes you to procrastinate packing. The simple answer to this problem is to pack decorative, non-functional items first.

6. Use Label Stickers

Labeling is essential. Without labeling, you won’t know where to put your boxes when you unload. 

It’s even easier if you use colored stickers. Choose one color for each room and place stickers on each box according to the room it belongs in.

7. Itemize Your Labels (Legibly)

On each box’s label, list the items the box contains. That way, you’ll know which boxes to unpack first.

8. Use Proper Packing Supplies

If you were expecting a list of DIY packing techniques, like wrapping your dishes in towels, we offer this tip instead. Stock up on proper packing supplies—the same ones that the professionals use—and use them.

9. Disassemble Large Items

Any furniture that can be easily disassembled should be. Bag the screws and attach them to the items so they don’t get lost.

10. Pack Plenty of Luggage

There are some items that movers can’t legally transport. Besides, you’ll want your essentials (clothes, toiletries, technology, money) on-hand, not stuck in the moving van. Put these items in luggage and drive them yourself.

Keep This Guide on How to Pack For a Move

Now that you know how to pack for a move, don’t lose this important information. Chances are, you’ll need these tips again in the future. So, bookmark this page for reference and please share this guide with those who can use it.

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