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Early Booking: When to Book a Mover

Are you thinking about moving soon? There are those people who like to live on the edge and leave it to the last minute to book a mover. Did you know that moving is considered one of the top five most stressful life events?

To reduce the stress levels of moving, make it one of your top priorities to plan your relocation and schedule your move. You can’t build a solid moving schedule or follow a precise moving checklist without knowing when your relocation will take place.

Don’t know when to book your mover? It’s never too soon to make an early booking. Continue reading to find out why you should book as soon as possible.

How Early Should You Book a Mover?

Moving house is a complicated process that requires lots of time to ensure everything lines up and runs properly. Scheduling your relocation early allows you to simplify the process and efficiently take care of all moving-related responsibilities. 

Booking a mover relies on the facts of each moving situation, such as:

The Date of the Move

The duration of your relocation influences how early you should schedule movers.

If you need to relocate during peak moving times, plan well ahead of time. Two months before your intended move date is a good rule of thumb. This should be enough time to acquire the services of a reliable and economic mover on your selected moving date.

During these busy times, reliable moving firms are booked months in advance. If you wait until a few weeks before your move, you’ll have a smaller selection of movers and may have to settle for lower quality at a higher cost.

How Far You are Moving

The farther you are relocating, the sooner you should schedule your move. Let’s look at some approximate timelines:

Moving Nearby

If you’re moving suburb, you may book up to two weeks in advance. Then, the work will just take a few hours, so the movers will have no trouble fitting it into their schedule.

Moving Within the Same Province

If you’re relocating inside the same province, a 4-week notice is sufficient. Then, in a month, the moving firm will have ample time to organize the logistics of an inter-province transfer.

Moving Long Distance

Moving cross-country requires booking a moving firm eight weeks in advance. Long-distance movers need extra time to schedule pick-ups and deliveries across province lines, combine cargo, and handle other inter-province moving issues.

Moving Abroad

If you’re relocating overseas, employ professional international movers 3 to 4 months ahead of time. Moving to a new country is a much more complicated process that takes time and a lot of planning.

The Size of the Move

A major-sized move will demand enormous resources such as equipment and staff. So you need to arrange a booking well in advance to ensure that your selected moving company can suit your needs.

Moving on!

All in all, you should book your mover 4 to 8 weeks ahead of time. This will give your choice of mover enough time to prepare the logistics and secure your relocation success.

Are you planning a move? Contact us for a professional and friendly move; we look after you like family!

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