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How to Choose the Cheapest Storage Options When Moving

Taking care of your belongings during a move or for the long-term might require some professional help. Professional storage is widely used and available. 

About 38% of the United States population uses self storage. You need to know how to explore your price options when shopping for storage units.  

Here’s how to find some of the cheapest storage options around. 

Find a Small Storage Unit

Rent a small unit for your safekeeping if you’re trying to keep the price low. 

A professional storage facility will have plenty of sizes for you to choose from. Take inventory of what you’re including and find out the minimum you can go with. 

Also, explore why you’re looking for self-storage. Many people get storage because they’re cleaning their home and need a place to put their belongings. 

Choosing the right size and type will help you get your money’s worth.  

Shop for Different Rates on a Storage Place

Many people pay too much for their storage rental because they don’t shop around enough. Since it’s such a thriving industry, you should get price estimates from a least three different self storage facilities. 

Storage units are typically rented by the month, though you may be able to get rental agreements that are per quarter or 6 months.  

Consider the Features That You’re Getting

Study the features of the storage place that you’re shopping for. Going for the cheapest price alone may cause you to go without some storage features that you need. 

This may include things like temperature and climate control or additional security measures.  

Look up some packing materials that can help your items stay intact while they’re in storage. You may need to purchase some bins, hand trucks, or other moving and sorting equipment. 

Find the Best Company

As you shop for the best price, make sure to also shop with the best company. All storage companies aren’t created equally, so study their background and reputation to know that your money is well spent. 

Look up their license and make certain that your belongings will be safe on their property. Rent from a company that also has hours of availability the work for you. Some rental facilities allow 24-hour access, while others limit your visits to business hours. 

Don’t skip past these sorts of details in trying to get the least expensive storage rental. Look for the best price and make sure that the company is trusted and goes above and beyond with their service.  

Explore the Cheapest Storage Options

Understanding the cheapest storage options allows you to look out for your budget while still getting quality service. Knowing how to find the most affordable storage space will make sure that your belongings are safe for the long-term. 

Once you’re ready to get the best quality storage service around, we’d be happy to hear from you.  

Two Amigos & Co. can help you with all of your moving and storage needs. Send us an e-mail or give us a call us today.

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