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How to Figure Out the Best Time to Move

Moving can be a stressful experience. From packing to deciding where to live, it can all feel a bit overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be that way though. 

In the end, it is up to you. Knowing the right time to move will simplify other moving factors as well.

When you have a set move-in date, everything else ought to fall into place. Before you break out the boxes, read our guide below.

Lease Ending

If you are already renting a space and your lease is coming to a close, the time to move has been decided for you. You can choose to leave or extend your lease. Be sure to double-check the lease agreement before making your decision though.

If you do decide to move out, make sure you plan accordingly and leave the place in tip-top shape. Doing so will keep you on good terms with your landlord and ensure you get your security deposit back.

New Job

If you’ve landed a new job, whether in your state or a new one, then you have little control over the time to move.

You may have to break the lease if you find yourself with new employment. You will have little time to move out, unpack, and begin working at the new job.

Starting College

Similar to landing a new job, you won’t have much of a decision to make when it’s time to move when starting college. Since you’ll be taking classes, you will have a pre-planned schedule, which makes the decision-making process simpler.

If you live off-campus, you may have a little more flexibility with your moving time.


When considering the best time to move, which season you choose will be a huge deciding factor. If you’re flexible with your move date, each season will come with its pros and cons for your consideration.


For one of the best times to move, choose late Spring. The weather is cool and calm. When you choose Spring months, hiring movers will be less expensive as well.


Summer months are also an excellent time to move. The weather will be hotter, but at least your kids will be off for summer vacation. Adults can take time off more easily as well.

We encourage you to hire movers so you won’t have to lift a finger in the warmer months.


Similar to Spring, Fall is an excellent choice in terms of moving weather. The only downside to choosing Fall months is working around your kids’ schedule with school.


Most people don’t think to move during Winter, but you may want to reconsider as a solid moving time. You’ll love that there will be more of an abundance of movers and lower moving costs too.

Is It Time to Move?

Is it time to move? Now you have an informative guide to refer to help you in your decision. Whether the date is in or out of your control, you’ll want to plan accordingly.

For the best movers in town, contact us. We take the headache out of any moving situation.

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