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How to Move to a New Province: A Checklist for Out-of-Province Movers

Did you know that nearly 60% of Canadians identify moving as one of life’s most stressful experiences? To prevent high levels of stress during a move, it’s essential to have a plan in place.

We’re here to help by providing you with a checklist specifically for out-of-province movers. Keep reading to learn how to move to a new province with ease.

Visit Your New Province

If you are moving to a new province for a job or for a lower cost of living, you probably haven’t spent much time in the area.

Make at least one trip to your new province to get a good idea of the neighborhoods and your home’s location.

If you can’t visit your new location, you should research the neighborhood thoroughly. If you are able to see your new province, consider researching before you go.

A quick internet search will help you feel more like a local when you arrive. If you are visiting to shop around for homes, research will not only be helpful but will be necessary at this stage.

Research Schools

Out-of-province, movers with school-age children need to research schools in advance.

If you want to send your children to public school, figure out which neighborhoods are associated with the schools you are interested in.

Finding top-rated schools is simple with a quick Google search.

Build a Budget

Moving to a new province won’t be cheap. If you hire professional movers, you’ll need to incorporate those costs into your budget as well.

Even if you plan a DIY move, you’ll still be spending money on moving materials, moving trucks, and other expenses. To offset the initial cost, it might make more sense to leave it to the moving experts.

If you expect to have any cost of living changes, be sure to calculate them as well. Think about your new rent or mortgage, insurance, monthly utility costs, groceries, etc.

Create a Moving File

Staying organized when moving to a new province is not always easy. Many movers forget to create a moving file as part of their moving checklist.

You’ll have various moving-related documents, such as:

  • Moving estimate
  • Bill of lading
  • Inventory documentation
  • Billing address changes documents
  • Mail forwarding
  • Pet-related documentation

You can update some of these documents before you move to make things easier on yourself. You’ll need to wait to renew or update other documents until you settle into your new location.

Creating a moving file will make establishing residency in a new state easier.

Hire a Moving Company to Relocate to a New Province

Moving across the country without help is not something everyone is capable of. Your last moving checklist step is to hire a moving company that will help you relocate to a new province with ease.

When you follow the steps in this brief checklist, you’ll find that moving isn’t so bad.

Are you ready to hire movers? Contact us today to learn about our services and our best price guarantee.

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