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Last Minute Moving: 4 Tips for Moving Faster

Every year, over 4 million Canadians move homes. There are many different reasons for deciding to move into a new home. Some move for a bigger or smaller space, some for employment, and some for education. 

Whether you’re moving for any of those reasons or a different reason, sometimes you need to move fast. Situations can change requiring you to leave your old home faster than you wanted. This can lead to stress and forgetfulness when the big day arrives.

Last minute moving can be difficult, but there are quite a few ways to make it less stressful for yourself. In this brief article, you will learn four easy moving tips to help your process go smoother and relieve some of the stress that comes with moving quickly. 

1. Last Minute Moving Checklist

When there’s a lot to do to prepare for the move, it can be easy for you to forget some of the items that need to get done. Writing a simple checklist before you get started can help you stay organized and prevent you from forgetting important items. Writing checklists can even help prevent stress and give you feelings of achievement when you cross off your list.

Some items you should include:

  • Scheduling moving services or renting a moving van
  • Buying boxes and other packing supplies
  • New locks for the new home 

These are some of the key items you will want to include. However, other items such as changing your address and setting up your utilities are also important.

2. Get Rid of Junk

When you’re moving it can be easy to simply throw everything into boxes and take it with you. However, that can slow you down and it means more boxes for you to unpack later. Use this time to throw away what you can and save yourself time when you’re unpacking.

3. Organize Boxes

When you are in the middle of last minute moving, trying to figure out where all of your kitchen items are is the last thing you want to do. By organizing your boxes by room and writing labels on them you can help the process go smoothly. 

Some level of organization in the way items are packed in the moving truck can also be helpful, especially if you are doing a DIY move. You can try your best to place boxes for the same room as close together as possible on the truck, that way you can quickly move them all to the same area of the new home. 

4. Set Some Things Aside

With last minute moving it can be easy to lose track of time and forget to take care of yourself. Having a separate bag for everyday essentials is important to have. This bag can have items like snacks, a change of clothes, toiletries, and other items that are helpful to have. This way, you can make sure you aren’t forgetting your own needs.

Ease Your Stressful Move Today

Last minute moving is not the ideal situation for most people. However, there are many reasons why someone might have to move quicker than they would like to. 

While your move might be last minute, you don’t have to make it stressful. In this brief guide, you have learned a few ways to ease the stress and make the day go by easier. For more moving tips, or to schedule movers today, be sure to see how Two Amigos can help you.

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