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Modern Moving: 5 Key Tips for Moving Day

So you’re finally getting ready to move into a new home. This is an exciting time, but are you prepared for the challenge? 

Sure, you’re excited to do all of the decorating and settling in, but before that, you have to go through the trials and tribulations of moving day. We want to help you out with some tips for moving day so you can relax.

Keep reading for our top moving day tips.

1. Start With A To-Do List

Any time you’re moving, you need to start with a to-do list. This is the best piece of moving day advice that anyone can give you. 

Your to-do list should include a general list of all of your items (though they should already have been packed the day before), the number of boxes you have, and the items that you’re bringing with you in your car. 

After that, plan the moving day step-by-step. From waking up in the morning to setting up your new home, you need a detailed itinerary. 

2. Wake Up Early

Moving day is not the day to sleep in. Sure, you’re going to need a lot of energy, but get that energy by going to bed early the day prior. 

When you wake up early, you’re giving yourself more time to finish all of your tasks. You won’t find yourself rushing when it gets dark. Bonus: give yourself extra energy with a healthy meal, some protein, and a cup of coffee to get you started.

3. Arrange For Pets And Children

If you have pets and children to bring with you, make sure that you make arrangements for them. Children who are old enough to help can stay with you, but it might benefit you to have someone else watch young children and pets on moving day.

You don’t want to risk children or pets getting injured or escaping from the home. Doors will be open and heavy objects will be moving around, so it’s not a safe environment. 

4. Keep Important Things On-Hand

Not everything is going to go into moving boxes. You want to make sure that you have important items, documents, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and a change of clothes (if not several) with you in the car.

If you’re only moving down the road, this may not be a large issue. If you’re doing an international move, or even moving to a far-away province, you might arrive at the home before the movers do. You want to make sure that you have everything that you need to stay comfortable for a few days. 

5. Do A Walk-Through 

Before you get ready to drive to your new home for good, do a final walkthrough. Check every last nook and cranny of your new home to ensure that there are no objects hidden anywhere. 

Even the best movers may miss things if they’re not in plain sight. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. 

Use These Tips For Moving Day

These tips for moving day will make your life easier. 

Moving is stressful, but your new home is on the horizon. With this moving advice, you’ll have an (almost) stress-free move. 

Are you looking for professional movers that will make your big move a breeze? At Two Amigos, we want to help you! Get a free estimate for your next move today.

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