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Moving 101: How to Transport a Car to Another Province

In 2021, Canada welcomed more than 401,000 new permanent residents, the most newcomers in Canadian history!

Immigration is common in Canada, so if you are thinking about moving to a province from a different country, you aren’t alone.

Along with worrying about moving, you might be wondering how to transport a car. Keep reading to learn the different methods.

Hire a Moving Company

Full-service moving companies can help you transport a car to another province. When you receive a quote for your move, ask if the company also offers vehicle transportation services.

If they don’t offer these services themselves, they can connect you with an auto transport company that specializes in this task.

Hiring an auto transport company is a common route for those looking to ship a car. Make sure these companies are insured, licensed, and have great online ratings from past customers.

Tow Your Car With a Moving Truck

If you are already renting a moving truck for your move, you might be able to hitch your car to the back of the truck using a car trailer or a tow dolly.

Check with the moving rental company to see if they allow this. If they do, you can rent out the equipment through them as well.

Towing your car with a moving truck may be able to save you some money compared to hiring a car transportation service, but it can be challenging to drive.

In terms of mobility, connecting your car to a moving truck makes things more difficult. If you are uncomfortable driving a moving truck without the additional weight, consider a different option to transport a car.

Drive It Yourself

When you need to move your car to another province, driving it yourself is the most time-consuming method. However, you have all of the control and you can save yourself some money.

There are pros and cons to driving your vehicle yourself. If you are moving across the country, this inexpensive option won’t be easy.

If you need to drive your moving truck, consider asking family members or friends to drive the car for you. You can also hire a professional driver for a larger fee. Always hire a professional driver through a driving company.

Transport by Train or Boat

You can transport a vehicle by train or boat and pick it up at a designated location.

Transporting by boat is typically reserved for international shipping, but there are certain situations where you can ship a car by boat domestically.

Moving your car by train and boat aren’t common options, but they are two additional methods to look into if you’ve exhausted all of the other options.

Let Us Help You Transport a Car!

Hiring moving companies or car transport companies are among the most common ways to transport a car. However, you can look into towing your car behind a moving truck or driving it to your destination yourself.

Lastly, you might be able to transport a car by train or boat, although these methods are less common.

Are you ready to schedule your car transport? Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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