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Moving Day Tips: How To Make Sure Everything Goes Smoothly

Moving is a lot of things: exciting, memorable, painstaking. However, if there’s one word that most accurately describes the act of moving, it’s “stressful”. Moving your possessions from one place to another is a whirlwind experience that can leave you feeling run down and exhausted. 

Fortunately, there are ways to ensure that the experience goes smoothly. Curious as to what they are? Then read on. Here is a collection of moving day tips to help you facilitate a successful move

1. Have a To-do List Ready

When it comes to moving, organization is the key. If you’re not organized, you’re bound to make mistakes. And if you make a bundle of mistakes, your moving day won’t go smoothly at all. 

As such, you’re strongly advised to have a to-do list ready for your moving day. This way, you can check responsibilities off as you get to them, and keep track of what you still have to do. 

2. Dress Appropriately

Moving big and bulky items isn’t a business transaction. It’s not a trip to the bank either. It’s a grueling and sweaty experience that will have you battling exhaustion from the word go. 

As such, when moving, you’re advised to dress appropriately, wearing clothing that plays nicely with the act of moving. This includes long pants, long sleeves, high-traction boots, and clothing that fits fairly close to the body. 

Make sure it’s able to wick away moisture as well, as you’re almost certain to be sweating throughout the move. 

3. Have Everything Packed Up 

One of the most challenging aspects of moving is packing everything up. As such, you can greatly reduce stress on your moving day by having most of your possessions packed up beforehand. 

We advise starting a few weeks early. First, pack up the items you rarely use. Then, pack up the items that you sometimes use. Then, in the days leading up to the move, pack up anything else that you won’t need on the day of the move. 

4. Keep Necessary Possessions in Your Possession

Our final tip is to keep all necessary possessions in your possession. By “necessary possessions,” we mean possessions that you’ll need to use on your moving day. These possessions include but aren’t limited to toothbrushes, clothing, deodorant, and the like. 

Throw these into a bag and carry the bag around with you throughout the move. Make sure to keep it separated from all of the other boxes so that you can find it with ease. 

Take Advantage of These Moving Day Tips 

If you want the least stressful and most bearable moving day possible, you’re strongly advised to take advantage of these moving day tips. Put them to good use and make your move a smooth one. 

Need help moving your possessions from one house to another? If so and if you’re in Canada, we here at Two Amigos have you covered. We offer not only local moving services but cross-country moving services as well. 

Contact us now to discuss your moving needs! 

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