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Moving During Covid: Your Guide to Provincial Restrictions

As of June 2021, there have been over 1.39 million cases of COVID-19 in Canada.

In response to this, provinces have initiated restrictions to stop the spread of the virus. If you’re moving during COVID, you may be subject to some of these restrictions.

Of course, where you’re moving to and from will impact your moving guide. We’re taking you through the COVID restrictions on moving province by province, so you know whether to start packing or hold off. Keep reading to learn more.

Maritime Provincial Restrictions

In Newfoundland, you’re allowed to move within the province. You can only enter the province if your purpose of travel is an extenuating circumstance as defined by the Chief Medical Officer of Health. Luckily, you’re allowed to permanently relocate to the province.

In New Brunswick the situation is similar. You can move within the province and if you’re moving to the province to take up residence, you’re also permitted. However, here you must go through a Travel Registration process.

In Nova Scotia, you can move within the province. If you’re moving from another province to take up residence, you’re allowed to do so. But here, you’ll need to provide a plan for self-isolation, as well as proof of property ownership or a lease, and a letter of acceptance for new employment.

Prince Edward Island is the only maritime province that is not allowing people from outside the province to move into the province. The province has paused new permanent relocations, with the exception of school or work. In mid-June, the province will re-evaluate this pause.

Quebec & Ontario Provincial Restrictions

In Ontario, local moving has been allowed throughout COVID, even during the stay-at-home orders. And while travel between Manitoba, Quebec, and Ontario is restricted as of April 19, 2021, moving to a permanent residence from either of those provinces is one of the exemptions listed.

However, it is prohibited for anybody from Ontario to be in Quebec. Moving is not listed as one of the exemptions. Though you can still move within Quebec, as moving companies are considered essential services.

Western Canada Provincial Restrictions

Alberta and Saskatchewan have no further restrictions in place, so moving is allowed, as well as any other activity.

In Manitoba, you can move locally within the province. If you’re moving from another province, you are permitted to do so but you must make a 14-day self-isolation upon your arrival.

In British Colombia, travel between regions as well as inter-provincial travel is allowed for essential purposes. Moving or helping someone move is considered essential.

Need Help Moving During COVID?

In most provinces, there’s no problem moving during COVID. That’s the case in all provinces if you’re moving within the province. And while there are some provincial restrictions regarding inter-provincial moving in PEI and Quebec, in most cases, you’re okay to take up permanent residence somewhere else in Canada.

But moving these days isn’t what it used to be. You need professionals who know how to keep things sanitary and maintain social distance while helping you move. We are those professionals and you can contact us today for a quote.

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