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Moving With Kids During the School Year

Moving is difficult in general, let alone moving with kids in the middle of the school year. While you and your partner will be adjusting to a new home, jobs, and location, your kids are going through an unforgettable life experience.

However, there are ways for preparing children for moving. Keep reading to follow the advice given about school year moving.

Communicate With Your Children

No matter how old your kids are, they have the right to be a part of a conversation surrounding a big move. Even toddlers appreciate being in the loop. You can begin the dialogue surrounding the move after you and your partner have made the decision. 

You could also approach it by letting them know about the opportunities that have come your way and that there may be a big move soon. Either way, plan a family meeting. This can be as formal or casual as you want it to be. 

Expect resistance, frustration, anger, and sadness to occur, especially in older children and teenagers. Teenagers who have established lives where they currently live will need some time to adjust to the information. Offer your kids the support they need to have a successful transition to a new place of living. 


After everything is finalized, research the different areas and neighborhoods of the city you’re moving to. You can even plan tours of different schools that seem plausible to take your children to. 

Ask the school different questions that are important to you and your kids. If you have a child interested in art, what kind of programs do they have for that? Are the sports teams good? 

Doing your research can help make the move easier on your children if they have a school with activities to look forward to.

Notify Their Current School

Since you’re moving during school, you’ll need to notify the school board. Information you’ll need transferred to the new school include letters of recommendation, transcripts, and standardized test scores

Notifying the school right away also helps teachers and faculty make the transition easier on your kids. They can gather up any open-ended material that they’ll miss from the move or help them prepare for another school’s curriculum. 

Be Supportive

When moving with a kid, it’s important to show your support. You can do this in a variety of ways. When you move, make friends with other parents and set up play-dates with their kids. 

Before you move, offer to throw a party for all of your kids’ friends to come and say goodbye. After moving, consider traveling back to town so your kids can stay in touch will their old friends. 

Encourage your children to participate in any activities outside of school that they’d like to. This can help them socialize and make new friends so they don’t feel so alone after moving. 

Moving With Kids Made Easy

After following these tips, moving with kids won’t be so hard. You may even find yourself getting closer with your children as you learn more about what they want to be involved in at the new school. It could create a good opportunity for plenty of bonding time throughout the moving process as well. 

For help with long-distance moving, check out Two Amigos’ website here to get help with the moving process so you can focus on what matters – your kids.

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