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Packing Tips

Have you ever heard stories about moving disasters? Utilize our comprehensive packing tips to make sure you avoid a crisis during your relocation!

It is important to understand your mover’s quotation. If you make an uninformed decision… it could COST you! Read on for some useful packing tips that could save you a few headaches and a lot of money:

  • Lampshades
    Pack lampshades individually to prevent crushing. Wrap in clean paper as regular newsprint will transfer onto your shade and leave marks.
  • Clothing
    Pack linen and clothing in chests or dressers. Be sure not to overload your furniture. Remember someone has to lift it.
  • Liquids
    Foodstuffs, medicines and toiletry bottles must be sealed to prevent spillage. Remember, leaky items can cause damage to your other possessions.
  • China and Other Fragile Items
    China and fragile items must be carefully packed. Wrap each item, and place cushioning between each layer. Be sure to mark each carton as ‘FRAGILE’.
  • Marking Cartons
    Mark cartons needed for immediate use in your home. Also, be sure to mark them with your name, the contents of each container and the room where the items will be located.
  • Books
    Pack books in smaller containers as they become dangerously heavy in large quantities.
  • Prevent Scratching and Surface Damage
    Wrap all surfaces to prevent scratching. Use newspapers, towels, sheets, pillows and other materials for cushioning. Pack items tightly as the shifting and rubbing of contents may also cause damage.
  • Packing Your Contents
    Don’t put too much weight in your containers – someone has to lift them. Remember to pack heavy items at the bottom and the lighter items at the top to prevent crushing.
  • Containers
    Always use containers that are clean, strong, and have lids which can be sealed with tape or cord. Refer to the Two Amigos packing supply list if you require cartons or other packing materials.

Contact us today to discuss your future move and learn more about our various packing supplies for your do-it-yourself packing experience or our wide range of packing and crating services. For a free, no-obligation moving estimate, fill out our quote form at the top of this page right now!