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Packing With Pets: How to Move with a Pet

58% of Canadian households report they own a pet (at least one dog or cat). This means it’s likely that these families will end up moving with a pet at some point in their life. 

Is there something specific to keep in mind if you are moving with pets? Any tips for moving with a pet that you can’t miss? Keep reading for help in this regard.

Let Your Vet Know That You Will Be Moving With a Pet

If you are moving to another house in the same city, then you will probably keep the same vet. But if you are moving provinces or countries, you will need to let the vet know that you are going to find someone else for your pet care. Also, if you inform your vet that you are moving, they might be able to give you some medication to keep your pet anxiety-free during the move.

Keep Your Pet Secluded From the Action – Both Packing and Unpacking

When you are packing or unpacking, your pet will likely be excited by all the hullabaloo, and want to get in on the action. But try to keep your pet away from the packing boxes, because they could unbalance these boxes, and injure themselves in the process.

Also, you will want to keep your pet away from all packing supplies and other sharp implements, in case they get a little too exuberant in their excitement. The best thing is to keep them in their cage until you have finished packing up or unpacking. This way you can focus on your move, and not worry about your pet’s health or safety. 

Do Not Let Your Pet Travel on the Moving Truck

Unless there’s some very good reason you can’t have your pet with you in your car (if you are moving provinces), then you can put them in their cage and have them travel on the moving vehicle. BUT this should only be an exception and not the rule. Always try to have your pet in the car with you when moving. 

This way you can ensure they stay safe and sound, and also you can console them when they feel anxious about all the activity. Pets can get extremely jittery about any kind of change, so you need to be extra loving and attentive to them during the move.

Moving With Pets Is Easy but Requires a Bit of Forethought

Your pet is as important to you as any other member of your family so you will need to treat them as such during the move as well. They might not understand when you tell them that you are moving homes, but if you keep an attentive eye on them and reassure them constantly, they should do just fine with the move.

If you are moving with a pet or without, Two Amigos can help you with that. Get a free moving quote from them by visiting their website and ask them any or all questions you might have about transporting pets.  

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