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The Moving Process

Are you planning on moving in the near future?  While moving can be chaotic, using the right moving company can make things easier and make the experience less stressful. Following a step-by-step guide also helps you focus on each step in the moving process. Keep reading the following tips to learn more about the moving process and how to make your move easier.

The Moving Process

As with all big projects, creating a checklist provides a roadmap for the move. It ensures that you don’t miss any steps and makes the process more time and cost-efficient.

1. Ask Questions When Getting Estimates

Before contacting moving companies, compile a list of questions. This helps you make an accurate comparison. Here are some questions examples:

  • Do you handle moves to my destination?
  • Do you provide full packing and/or unpacking services?
  • Do you provide packing materials and what is the charge?
  • Will you disassemble and pack large furniture and then reassemble it?
  • Do you load and unload everything?
  • Are there items that you don’t move?
  • Do you charge by the hour or a flat rate?

Some companies offer a free, no-obligation estimate for your move. They may come in person to your home or ask you to complete a checklist.

2. Pack Like a Pro During the Move Process

Many individuals choose to do the packing to save money. Yet, improper packing can lead to damage during the move. Here are some pro packing tips.

  • Always pack and take medicine with you
  • Toiletries, and foods in sealed bags or containers
  • Wrap each breakable item, place padding between, and mark “FRAGILE”
  • Use towels, sheets, pillows, or packing paper to wrap scratch-prone surfaces
  • Put heavier items like books in the bottom and lighter things on top
  • Mark containers with the room where they need to go
  • Use a bright color on immediate use containers

Choose clean, strong containers that you can seal with tape or cord. Don’t use containers without lids.

3. Plan the Pack-up Plan

Create a packing order list for the rooms or items. Then decide where the cartons will be stored once packed.

Will you be doing the packing alone or have help? Give each helper specific tasks so that you’re not overrun with questions.

4. Create a Pet Plan

Make plans for your pets before moving day. You may put them in their crate and/or a quiet room and shut the door.  Or have them stay a friend’s place to keep a more normal routine.

5. Relax as The Moving Services Perform Their Magic

Professional movers have an amazing talent for optimizing truck space. If you’ve tried to move and couldn’t fit everything, you know how important this is.

6. Now You’ve Arrived

Once you get to the new location, your cartons can go directly to their room. Be sure you have an idea where you want furniture placed to reduce the unloading time. With properly marked cartons, you’ll be able to find what you need immediately.

Are You Looking for a Moving Service?

This comprehensive guide will help make the moving process easier. Two Amigos Moving strives to provide a smooth transition to your new location. We provide free quotes with no obligation.

If you find a comparable, lower reasonable written quote, we’ll give you 10 percent off the difference. Contact our sales representative today to ask questions and schedule your move.

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