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Tips for Moving in the Fall (With the Pros and Cons)

Peak moving season in Canada stretches from the Victoria Day May Long Weekend to September’s Labour Day weekend. School is out, and the weather is bearable, but moving companies will charge more.

One of the top tips for moving is to consider planning for the off-season. Fall is a great time to move from province to province! Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of a fall move.

Tips for Moving: When Is the Best Time to Move?

The best time to move depends on your specific situation. You’ll need to take location, budget, family circumstances, and work flexibility into account.

The demand for movers is higher during the spring and summer, so you can save a pretty penny moving during the fall.

Moving in the Fall: The Pros

There are various benefits of moving in the fall. As we mentioned, you may snag better rates during this season because it’s not peak moving season.

These are additional pros to moving in the fall:

Better Weather

September, October, and November are the best months weather-wise in Canada. Temperatures are mild compared to humid and hot summer months, but not as rigid as in winter.

During your move in the fall, you won’t break a sweat or freeze while loading and unloading your items. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the roads being icy or snowy.

Good Time to Buy/Sell a Home

The housing market tends to slow down in the fall season so you can find a great deal on a new home.

If you’re selling a house during the fall, you can dress it up with fall decor to make it feel homier to prospective buyers.

Lower Moving Costs

Since peak moving season is over when fall rolls around, hiring moving companies will be less expensive. These businesses aren’t in demand during the fall, which leads them to drop their prices.

Moving truck rentals and moving companies tend to offer lower rates to those moving mid-week or mid-month as well.

Moving in the Fall: The Cons

Where there are pros, there are cons. Moving in the fall is not ideal for all homeowners, and we’ll tell you why:

Moving With School-Age Kids Is Difficult

If you are moving to a new province with school-age kids, the move will be challenging for your children. Not only do they have to adapt to a new neighborhood and school, but they might miss days or weeks in the process.

If you have school-age kids, it’s best to avoid moving in the fall.

Possibility of Inclement Weather

It’s more common to experience fog, rain, and high winds in the fall. You may not be able to avoid bad weather patterns that can make a fall move extremely challenging.

Even if you plan your move in advance, the weather could change from blue skies to rainy skies.

Are You Ready to Move?

There are a lot of tips for moving that can help make moving day efficient. Moving during the fall can save you money, but it might not be right for families with school-age children.

Whether or not you decide to move during the fall, we will be there to help you! Contact us today to learn about our moving services.

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