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Top 4 Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you planning to move to your new home and would like to know how to make it a little simpler? Planning is key to a smooth move, so you need to avoid the most common moving mistakes.

A moving company will typically only cost you up to a couple of thousand dollars, but making mistakes will cost you much more!

To try and avoid some of those mistakes, let’s look at the top four things that get in the way of moving smoothly.


Coming in at number five, we’ve got the first mistake that everybody who moves will make. You might think you have enough pairs of hands for the job, but you’ll inevitably need more.

We’re not just talking about the final move, either. Even on the run-up to the move, the number of jobs will stack up. A lot of them won’t even be possible until the final days, like giving the house a proper clean.


In a way, you should see a move as an excuse to finally get some decluttering done. There’ll be a laundry list of things that you can get of to facilitate moving smoothly.

Don’t leave this until the last minute, either! It could be months until your move, and you should have started going through all your old junk yesterday.

One of the biggest mistakes is thinking you’ll dump it all nearer the moving day. It’ll stack up, take valuable space, and clutter your mind!

Box Tetris

Boxes, boxes, boxes. Boxes everywhere. Buy sets of similarly sized boxes, preferably those intended for moving. For starters, it’ll keep everything looking clean and consistent.

Even more importantly, you’ll never get stuck playing box Tetris. Trying to figure out which size of the box will go where. Attempting to make sure that boxes with valuables can fit in somewhere safe.

Uniform box sizes add a much-needed degree of organization to the moving process.

No Insurance

There’s an argument you could make that this one should be the biggest mistake. If you have hired a moving company and haven’t insured your goods, you are playing with fire.

Most moving companies will have a great reputation and offer an invaluable service. That doesn’t mean that accidents can’t happen. Getting the right insurance is a quick and simple failsafe against a fairly common accident.

The Biggest of Moving Mistakes: Thinking You Have Enough Time

Are you attempting to do this move all on your own? You are one hundred percent convinced that you and your family can handle it?

You’ll go into the house move with the best of intentions. You’ll have planned it all out. As the weeks go by, more and more little jobs that you had forgotten about will pop up.

Anyone who has ever moved will experience that last-minute rush. The hectic few days before the move. It’s one of the reasons that hiring a moving company is so useful; It lets you share the load!

Don’t carry the burden yourself, let Two Amigos give you a dream move.

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