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U-Haul vs. Moving Company: Comparing the Benefits

In one six-month period, as many as 5 in 10 Canadians suffer low back pain.

Low back pain has many causes but it’s made worse by heavy lifting. And if you’re planning a move on your own, you’re going to be doing a lot of that.

When it’s time to move, you have a choice between hiring a moving company and doing it yourself with a rental truck, like a U-Haul. That means weighing the pros and cons of each in order to make the best decision for you.

Lucky for you, we’ve already done that work. Now all you need to do is read the below for a comparison of the benefits.


Maybe you’re a seasoned mover who knows how to stack boxes properly and how to organize the truck in the most efficient way. But if you’re not, it could lead to headaches on moving day, with items being broken or not having the space you need in the U-Haul you rented.

A moving company hires professionals that have helped people move homes thousand of times. They know how to move, how to pack, how to stack, and how to make the day as smooth as possible. That means that moving day is not only efficient and effective, but it also lowers your risk of injury from moving heavy items.


It might seem cheaper to rent a U-Haul, but that cost depends on where you’re moving and how you’re moving. The cost of rental trucks can add up, especially if you’re moving long-distance or have to make more than one trip back and forth. That’s especially true in terms of fuel costs.

A professional moving company is likely to cost a bit more. They charge a basic cost for moving your stuff (either by weight or by the hour), plus insurance, plus gratuity.

But all those costs cover all the hard work they’re doing. They move all of your belongings from one house to the other, they do it with expertise, and they save you time and energy in the long run.


If you move yourself, your stuff isn’t insured while it moves from one place to the other. Combine that with a lack of expertise in how to pack, stack and organize a truck, and you have a recipe for broken items with no financial compensation for replacing those items.

When you hire a moving company, your items are insured. You get to choose the level of insurance, too. You can go with the free coverage most companies offer or you can pay a little extra for full-value replacement.


Do you have a walk-board, dollies, and moving blankets? How about padded door protection and rug runners? All of these items make moving safer for the people doing the moving and also minimize damage to your items and your home.

Professional movers have this equipment on hand. While you might be able to rent these items from U-Haul, it’s not going to come cheap.

Ready to Hire a Moving Company?

While renting a U-Haul might save you some money, DIY moving takes a lot of time and energy. A moving company can save you that effort. They have the expertise and equipment to make moving more efficient and less stressful.

If you’re ready to hire a moving company, look no further. Contact us for a quote today.

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