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What is the Best Moving Season?

Did you know that people move roughly 11.7 times in their life? Does that number seem low or high to you?

Are you feeling a relocation itch? You can see you’re not alone. Are you curious when these people are getting their move on?

What moving season is right for you? Below we discuss that very topic. Pack your bags and read on.


If you’re looking for some of the best moving weather, choose Spring. You won’t break a sweat with all your boxes during the cool months.


Aside from the warm weather, many factors make Summer a great moving season. If you have kids, the fact that school is out will make the move that much simpler.

You will be able to move into an apartment easier during the Summer moving season because that is when most leases end. The demand will be higher, so you’ll want to move fast.

Hiring movers will make your Summer move a cinch. Stay cool and let the professionals handle the hard work.


Fall also has some of the best moving weather. Rather than working around a college schedule, planning when to move became a lot clearer.


Moving during the Winter months will come with its difficulties. It may not be the best moving season, but you will be able to find movers more quickly. Moving costs will be much lower during this time as well.

Moving Advice

For moving advice, there are certain days during the month you’ll want to stick to or avoid. Knowing when to move beforehand will simplify the moving process. 

Best Time

Choose morning for your move. Our movers will love the cooler air in the morning during those warmer months. By getting an early start with your moving help, you’ll be fully unloaded in your place by afternoon or evening.

Best Day

Choose weekdays for less demand. Costs will be lower and you’ll be able to unpack your stuff on the weekend.

Best Week

For the best week of the month, shoot for mid-week. If you think about it, leases begin and end at the top and bottom of the month. By choosing the middle of the week you will have more flexibility and will likely be able to find movers more readily.

Best Month

When searching for the best moving season, we recommend mid-September through April. You will find that the demand for movers will be lower, so that means it’ll be less expensive too. 

What Moving Season Will You Choose?

As you can see, each month comes will its pros and cons. What moving season will you choose?

Weigh your options and as far ahead as possible if you can swing it. By being ahead of the game, your move will be smooth sailing.

If you need moving help, do not hesitate to contact us. Having a helping hand during your move is the best moving advice we have to offer. You can count on us to handle all your concerns and needs.

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