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Winning Winter: 5 Tips for Moving in Winter

Moving is never easy. And Canadian winters are always harsh. So, when you attempt to endure both at the same time, you’re in for a uniquely difficult challenge.

Unfortunately, it’s a challenge that many of you must face nonetheless. After all, you don’t always get to choose your moving season. Rent increases and other circumstances may force you to relocate immediately, no matter what time of year it is.

We do have some good news for you, though. Namely, the following guide provides expert advice to make moving in winter much easier. Read on to learn what you need to know about winter moving preparation.

1. Hire Movers (It’s Cheaper in Winter)

First, hiring pro movers is always a smarter, safer choice than DIY moving. It results in:

  • Fewer lost or broken items
  • Fewer injuries and accidents
  • Saving money (you’ll save the money you would have lost due to broken items and doctor bills)
  • Less effort on your part
  • A quicker move

Even better, winter is the off-season of the moving industry. So, if you hire professional help, you get to pay the reduced, off-season prices.

2. Watch/Prepare For the Weather

Heavy snowstorms and icy sidewalks aren’t merely inconvenient while you’re moving. They’re downright dangerous.

Slipping on an icy patch while carrying heavy furniture can cause serious injuries or even death. Plus, it would likely destroy the furniture or appliance that gets dropped in the process.

Before, during, and after your move, you should be constantly watching the weather so that you know what to expect. Not only that, you must be prepared to deal with adverse weather conditions.

Stock up on more sidewalk salt and snow shovels than you think you’ll need. Or, hire a snow clearing service for moving day. You’ll need to apply these tips at your destination location as well as your departure location.

3. Expect Delays and Other Problems

Canadian winters definitely won’t respect your moving van’s estimated arrival time. Honestly, you should expect that the moving van won’t make it on time.

Prepare for this by making sure that you have all your necessities packed in luggage, which you will then transport in your car. Also, have plenty of money on-hand to buy any temporary items you might need (sleeping bags, paper plates, etc.).

4. Get the Utilities Running Now

Arguably, nothing in your delayed moving van is nearly as important as having water, gas, and electricity in your new house. Get these turned on now. Otherwise, you may be headed for a very cold housewarming—one with frozen pipes and no heater.

5. Insulate Your Items

Lastly, the bitter cold can reach deep into your boxes as they sit in the moving van. This will harm any items that are sensitive to extreme cold, especially if the van is delayed. Always wrap such items in several layers to prevent damage.

Always Follow These Tips For Moving in Winter

When moving in winter, make sure you follow the steps above. Bookmark this guide on how to move in winter so that you don’t forget these important tips.

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